The sitting down dancing Queen

So yesterday I had the privilege of attending the wedding of the colleague of my boyfriend. I had never met the Bride before and had only met the Groom once, but it was such a special day and it was so beautiful I was in love. We stayed in a lovely hotel in the beautiful Perthshire countryside and had 2 days away from work. I had been quite sad before the wedding, about how I would not get to take part in the traditional Scottish ceilidh because I couldn’t risk trying to dance so energetically. My mum told me to look for the positives in the day and those words stuck with me, and I did see the positive of not partaking in the ceilidh….my boyfriend was up dancing and he and his dance partner were the lead couple to demonstrate the dance….and he was so so so terrible! I couldn’t stop laughing at how bad he was. That was my positive, that I would not have been able to experience if I had been up and dancing!!

I managed a few dances, and even though my boyfriend stood on my bad toe at one point, I survived and had a fantastic time. Back home now and have spent the day chilling out and recovering. Hope you see something positive in your day today fellow spoonies ❤



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