Miami Daze


Today makes it six months since I was on holiday in Miami. What an amazing place! We were on a two week trip to Orlando but couldn’t fly all that way to America and not head down to South Beach!



Stayed in a lovely little boutique hotel on Collins, Ithaca of South Beach (check it out if you’re ever there, everything looked exactly as it does in the photos, it was an absolute gem of a hotel). Just a 30 second walk from South Beach.


On our first day it was a scorching 41 degrees c, so we made the most of cooling down in the warm seas and chilling on the beach!


Fell in love with Coral Gables, a place that we’ve set our hearts on moving to.

Wynwood Walls are definitely worth a visit, for the basic photo opportunities if nothing else!


No trip to Miami would be complete without a visit to Little Havana. Coffee, cigars and Cuban sandwiches for everyone.


It’s been a long 6 months but cannot wait to go back!!



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